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Piping industry is on a boom from long time now. Being an industry which has the potential to influence the economy of several countries as well the world economy itself, Piping has great scope. Being an authorized piping engineering course provider in Chennai, we are Government of India Certified and have also gained ISO 9001:2008 Certificates for keeping high standards.

Piping has various phases and to become an expert in the field you need to learn two approaches to this technology. First is the science part of the piping process which includes certain recognized norms and codes. Second approach is a half art process. This phase includes certain amount of creativity and visualization. It is when you get the knowledge and ability to execute both these phases in the right measures you become an expert.

With many years of expertise and experience in this field we have become pioneers in the following areas of engineering:

  • Piping Engineering
  • Pipeline Engineering
  • Offshore and Marine Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Petrochemical Engineering

Apart from the technical & practical skills and knowledge, a successful piping engineer should have qualities such as discipline, courage and commitment. At ASTS we will make you ready to satisfy what the industry demand currently. Talk to us today and know how you can utilize the possibilities in this industry completely.r.