Best Tekla Software Course in Bangalore

Best Tekla Software Course in Bangalore

Discover the best Tekla Software Course in Bangalore, a city renowned for its technological prowess and educational excellence. This guide highlights top institutes like ASTS Global Education Inc, offering comprehensive Tekla training tailored for aspiring engineers and professionals. Dive into a world where advanced structural design meets practical learning, and explore how these courses in […]

Career Prospects for Steel Structure Design Engineers in India

Best Steel Structure Design Course in Mumbai

Understanding Steel Structure Design Steel structures form the backbone of modern architecture, providing strength and durability to buildings and infrastructures. Learning steel structure design is crucial in Mumbai, where architectural innovation meets practicality. It involves the intricate process of combining steel pieces to form stable, load-bearing structures, ensuring safety and efficiency. The Essence of Steel […]

Best Tekla Software Course in Kochi

Best Tekla Software Course in Kochi

Step into Kochi’s leading Tekla Software Course, a hub where technology meets tradition in this vibrant city.  This guide introduces you to the finest institutions, such as ASTS Global Education Inc., now in Kochi, providing in-depth Tekla training designed for budding engineers and seasoned professionals.  Immerse yourself in an environment where cutting-edge structural design is […]

Offshore Structural Design Engineer Salaries

Offshore Structural Design Engineer Salaries: A Comprehensive Guide

Offshore Structural design engineering involves ways of enhancing or modifying marine-based structures. It deals with using specialized materials and methods of construction to ensure the stability and durability of structures in hazardous conditions.  Through this blog, we will discuss the salaries of structural design engineers depending on various factors. But before we could begin let […]


Beams are horizontal members of a structure that are slender and support loads applied perpendicular to their longitudinal axis SIMPLY SUPPORTED BEAM : It is a beam supported freely at the two ends of walls or column. OVERHANGING BEAMS : In overhanging beam, its end extends beyond the wall or column support. CANTILEVER BEAMS : It is fixed in […]

Codes And Standards

Code A code is a model, a set of rules that knowledgeable people recommend forothers to follow. It is not a law but can be adopted into a law. Code will serve as generally accepted guidelines for design, fabrication, construction and installation.  StandardsStandards can define as a set of technical definitions and guidelines. Or simply […]