Career Prospects for Steel Structure Design Engineers in India

Best Steel Structure Design Course in Mumbai

Understanding Steel Structure Design

Steel structures form the backbone of modern architecture, providing strength and durability to buildings and infrastructures. Learning steel structure design is crucial in Mumbai, where architectural innovation meets practicality. It involves the intricate process of combining steel pieces to form stable, load-bearing structures, ensuring safety and efficiency.

The Essence of Steel Structure Design Courses

These courses are pivotal in shaping the future of construction in Mumbai. They cover a comprehensive range of skills for conceptualizing and executing steel building designs, adhering to project specifics and site requirements.

Career Prospects for Steel Structure Design Engineers in India

Career Prospects for Steel Structure Design Engineers in India

With a solid foundation in steel structure design, engineers are in high demand across various sectors, such as government organizations and infrastructure companies. As a hub of architectural advancement, Mumbai offers extensive opportunities for roles like structural project engineers, design engineers, and detailers. The financial rewards in this field are significant, making it a lucrative career path.

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Global Opportunities in Steel Structure Design

The demand for skilled steel structure design engineers is robust internationally. Professionals can explore diverse roles in global construction firms, engineering consultancies, and research institutions. Remuneration is competitive and varies based on the region and organization.

Course Fees for Steel Structure Design in Mumbai

The cost of these courses varies depending on the institution and course duration. On average, fees in Mumbai hover around INR 20,000 per month to INR 1,50,000, offering value for in-depth training and skill development.

Mumbai’s Finest: ASTS Global Education Inc

ASTS Global Education Inc. stands out in Mumbai for its exceptional steel structure design training. With over 15 years of excellence, it offers specialized courses tailored to the industry’s burgeoning demands. With their vast industry experience, the faculty provides practical insights, preparing students to confidently tackle real-world challenges in structural steel building design. The curriculum is industry-relevant, encompassing structural engineering, design, and post-structural engineering.

Why Choose ASTS in Mumbai?

  • Accredited professional qualification
  • Enhanced job opportunities
  • Comprehensive skill development
  • Diverse career pathways

Certification and Career Support

Upon successful completion, students receive a certificate from ASTS in collaboration with NACTET, a Govt. of India body. The institute offers complete placement assistance, from job search to interview preparation.

Course Highlights at ASTS

  • Orientation sessions
  • Video lectures
  • Hands-on projects
  • Case studies
  • Access to webinars
  • Continuous learning support
  • Interactive discussion forums

Detailed Course Curriculum

The curriculum at ASTS Mumbai includes:

  • Introduction to steel structures
  • Detailed study of column bases, connection designs
  • Load evaluation and service integration
  • Techniques for designing load-resisting systems
  • Comprehensive design projects using advanced software
  • Focus on industrial and multi-storied building designs
  • Bridge design and post-structural engineering
Scholarship Available SSDF (Scottish Skill Development Forum) in Association with ASTS Global Education

Suvidya Institute of Technology: 

This institute offers a comprehensive Structural Engineering Program that emphasizes an in-depth understanding of structural behaviour, which is crucial for the analysis and design of building structures. The program includes detailed analysis and design aspects of various structural elements, like pipe racks, equipment foundations, and plant buildings, using advanced software tools like STAAD. Students with a diploma or degree in Civil or Structural Engineering can apply. The course also offers exposure to the working culture of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Companies, and 100% placement assistance is provided.

Grey Edge: 

An Autodesk-authorized training centre, Grey Edge specializes in CAD/BIM domain courses for architects, civil and structural engineers, interior designers, and draftsmen. They offer a variety of courses, including Architectural BIM Technologies and Revit MEP & Navisworks, catering to different aspects of structural and MEP engineering. The institute offers multiple learning modes, including classroom training, live online sessions, and pre-recorded video-led training. Students receive Autodesk & Grey Edge certificates upon completion, and the institute boasts a project-based training approach, providing students with an insight into AEC industry working methods.

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology (RGIT): 

Located in Mumbai, RGIT is another prominent institution offering civil and structural engineering courses, which likely include elements of steel structure design. While specific course details on steel structure design were not directly available, RGIT is known for its focus on technical education and practical training. Their programs in civil engineering often encompass various aspects of structural design, analysis, and construction management, with a potential focus on steel structures as part of the curriculum. RGIT combines theoretical education with hands-on experience, preparing students for the challenges of the structural engineering field. The institute’s commitment to providing industry-relevant education makes it a viable option for students interested in pursuing a career in steel structure design.


Your quest for Mumbai’s premier steel structure design course concludes at ASTS Global Education Inc., known for its exemplary training and outstanding placement record. Discover more about the course on its website, or view more details here.