Best Aveva e3d Training Course in Hyderabad

Best Aveva e3d Course in Hyderabad – Transform Your Engineering Career

Best Aveva e3d Training Course in Hyderabad

In today’s rapidly evolving engineering landscape, expanding your skill set is key to advancing your career. Among the many specialized courses on offer, Aveva e3D training emerges as an essential tool for engineers looking to make their mark.

Understanding Aveva e3D Software

Aveva e3D Design software is at the cutting edge of 3D design technology, catering to industries like power, marine, and process plants. This groundbreaking tool supports the creation of comprehensive, multidisciplinary 3D designs that are free from clashes, enabling the production of precise drawings and reports. Such functionalities not only reduce expenses and save time but also lower commercial risks for projects of all types, from brownfield to greenfield. Aveva e3D’s rule-based and automated design approach ensures adherence to industry regulations, proving invaluable for diploma and B.Tech graduates alike.

Aveva e3D Software Course Fees in Hyderabad

The cost of an Aveva e3D course varies depending on the institute, course duration, and the facilities offered. Generally, prices range from 10,000 to 25,000 rupees, representing a sound investment in your professional development.

e3D Software Cost

The software itself is priced around 50,000 rupees annually, a substantial but justifiable investment for enhancing your engineering arsenal.

Career Opportunities Post-Training

Completing the Aveva e3D course opens doors to a multitude of sectors, including:

  • Power and Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water Treatment
  • Shipbuilding
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Steel
  • Paper, Sugar, and Tyre Plants
  • Beverages and Breweries
  • Offshore
  • Cement
  • Mining

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Leading Aveva e3D Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is home to several prestigious institutions that offer training in Aveva e3D software. These institutes are celebrated for their thorough curriculums, cutting-edge facilities, and immersive learning experiences, equipping students for a flourishing engineering career.

ASTS Global Education

In the dynamic world of engineering, staying ahead of the curve means constantly upskilling. ASTS Global Education is your partner in this journey, offering cutting-edge technical training programs that turn knowledge into career-boosting power.

Our team of expert trainers, each with deep industry experience, understands the real-world challenges engineers face. They’ll guide you through complex software, equipping you to tackle projects with the confidence and precision that employers demand.

ASTS Global goes beyond just theory. Our industry-aligned curriculum and hands-on projects ensure that you graduate with immediately applicable skills. Imagine the satisfaction of mastering intricate designs and delivering flawless technical drawings  – that’s the ASTS Global difference.

Choose ASTS Global Education and experience:

Career Transformation: 

Expand your skillset and unlock new opportunities for advancement.

Industry Recognition: 

Earn a government-recognized certification – a testament to your expertise.

Practical Mastery: 

Gain the confidence to excel in any technical role.

Personalized Support: 

Our commitment to your success continues even after course completion.

Discover the Power of ASTS Global:

Explore our comprehensive Aveva e3D training program, designed to propel your career. 

Get the hands-on experience you need through interactive lectures, real-world projects, and ongoing access to learning resources.

Invest in your future. Contact ASTS Global Education today:

Visit: [Asts Global Contact]

Call: +91 9020 210 210

Scholarship Available SSDF (Scottish Skill Development Forum) in Association with ASTS Global Education

Engineers 3D:

They offer an extensive range of courses including an E3D Course specifically designed for discipline designers to create 3D models of plants for both onshore and offshore projects. The training aims to familiarize students with AVEVA Everything3D Model modules, Foundations & Utilities, catering to mechanical engineering students, professionals from the mechanical engineering domain, engineers in the petrochemical industry, draughtsmen, construction engineers, and piping engineers. The course duration is 3 months, and it includes practical, live-project work for comprehensive learning. Engineers 3D also provides various IT and engineering courses, indicating a broad educational spectrum​​.

Online Piping:

This platform specializes in Aveva E3D Administrator Training, focusing on project setup and management, E3D Administration, troubleshooting, and providing user support for project resources. It’s suitable for mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation, and chemical engineers, as well as ITI draftsmen. The course offers a one-day free training preview, certification upon completion, and lifetime support, highlighting a strong emphasis on practical knowledge and job readiness in various sectors like oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, EPC, and more​​.

Edoxi Training Institute:

Offers Aveva E3D Training Course to unlock skills in 3D designing integrated with pipe design modules using Aveva E3D Software. This course is suitable for professionals seeking comprehensive knowledge on product designing within the Aveva E3D platform. The course covers equipment, piping, structural, and draft modules with hands-on training for better understanding. Edoxi’s training is popular for its certified tutors and real-time projects designed to impart practical experience, catering to a global audience with courses conducted in various cities​​.

Koenig Solutions:

They provide a Master AVEVA E3D comprehensive online course that recognizes mastery in the use of AVEVA’s Everything3D software. This course is ideal for professionals aiming to create 3D models of plants for construction, operation, and maintenance of industrial infrastructures. It covers the essentials for leveraging technology for model visualization, information management, and collaboration to enhance productivity and reduce project risks. The course offers flexible scheduling, including 1-on-1 sessions, and covers a range of prerequisites to ensure learners are fully prepared​​.


For engineers in Hyderabad looking to boost their career path, enrolling in a premier Aveva e3D training course in Hyderabad is a strategic decision. Among the numerous options, ASTS Global Inc. emerges as a top contender. Boasting over fifteen years of experience, superior facilities, a curriculum endorsed by the industry, and extensive hands-on training, ASTS Global Inc. serves as the perfect launchpad for mastering Aveva e3D software. Reach out to us to start your transformative educational journey.


How can I quickly master plant design skills for high-demand engineering roles in Hyderabad?

The key is to find a specialized 3D design software course that’s recognized by industry leaders in Hyderabad. Look for a program offering comprehensive training, hands-on projects, and aligns with the latest industry standards.

I want to gain a competitive advantage in Hyderabad’s engineering job market. What skills are employers looking for?

Proficiency in Aveva e3d is increasingly sought-after across various engineering sectors in Hyderabad. Investing in a high-quality training course can give you the edge you need to land your dream job.

I’m considering a career change into engineering. Can Aveva e3d training in Hyderabad be my starting point?

Absolutely! A reputable Aveva e3d training program can equip you with the foundational skills and knowledge essential for an engineering career, even if you come from a different background. Hyderabad offers numerous engineering opportunities where these skills are in demand.

Where can I find the Best Aveva e3d Course in Hyderabad?

ASTS Global Education delivers the most comprehensive and highly-regarded Aveva e3d course in Hyderabad. Here’s why we stand out:
Experienced Instructors: Gain knowledge directly from industry veterans with years of hands-on Aveva e3d experience.
Practical Curriculum: Master real-world applications through a curriculum designed to meet current industry demands in Hyderabad.
Project-Based Learning: Develop confidence and practical skills by working on live engineering projects.
Career Support: Receive personalized guidance and resources to help you excel in your engineering career after course completion.
Discover the transformative power of ASTS Global’s Aveva e3d training. Visit our website [ASTS Global Contact] or call us at +91 9020 210 210 to enroll today and unlock new career opportunities in Hyderabad!