Scope of SP3D Piping Designer

Scope of SP3D Piping Designer in India and Abroad

All over the world today, there is a huge demand for qualified and skilled SP3D piping designers. The competition in this field is very limited as the number of skilled and experienced designers is less. That’s because it’s relatively new, though it’s growing rapidly. 

Small Plant 3D is software that is used to make 3D models of pipe and plant designs. It helps in producing optimal designs of power plants, oil and gas refineries, petrochemical installations, water refineries, food processing industrial plants, manufacturing, and so on. The software ensures that companies have the appropriate materials required.

What are the Responsibilities of an SP3D Piping Designer?

SP3D piping designers are professionals who craft and designs SP3D piping systems. They make use of different software solutions to create 3D models to create designs in minute detail. They design, develop, and deploy piping systems in petrochemical plants and oil refineries.

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What are the Roles and responsibilities of an SP3D Piping Designer?

Roles and responsibilities of an SP3D Piping Designer
  • Design and create 3D models, visualizations and animations of pipelines
  • Generate 2D and 3D piping layouts and isometrics.
  • Perform pipeline design calculations like pressure drops and flow rates
  • Review drawings and vendor equipment documentation to ensure adherence to project requirements
  • Participate in constructability reviews and clash detection.
  • Interact and collaborate with other disciplines like civil and mechanical engineering
  • Use the 3D Review platform to conduct reviews and create 3D models for complex plants
  • Complete pipe components and generate detailed drawings as required
  • Review project frameworks with regard to piping requirements.
  • Draft the initial Bills of Materials for the piping design.

Scope Variations: India vs. Abroad

The scope of SP3D piping designer in India and abroad are both excellent, but there are slight differences.


The scope for SP3D piping designs is mainly for domestic projects, mainly in oil refineries, power plants, food processing industries, and so on. The focus in India is on the professionals being skilled in core SP3D functionalities. 


An SP3D piping designer can get more exposure, and the opportunity to work in diverse international projects like oil and gas plants, marine industry, petrochemical installations and the like. They can be sent to work on sites in different parts of the world. In US, Europe, and other countries, the piping designer is expected to use other design tools like AVEVA E3D along with SP3D.

Regulations and Standards

While every country has its standards, there are certain codes and standards that are globally accepted, even in India.

The BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standards body established in 2016 has its own standards regarding quality of pipes, couplings etc. Additionally, the following international standards are also accepted:

  • ANSI, ASME, from the US
  • DIN from Germany
  • ISO – International Standards Organization
  • BS – British Standards.
  • CSI Master Format Specifications 

What are the Industries that Require SP3D Piping Designers?

The services of SP3D piping designers are required in several industries like:

  • Oil and gas 
  • Chemical 
  • Power Generation
  • Offshore Rigs
  • Petrochemical 
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

What Kind of Jobs are Available to SP3D Designers?

  • Piping design engineer
  • Piping Lead
  • Instrument Designer
  • Piping Modeller
  • Electrical Designer
  • Senior Designer cum 3D Modeller
  • Structural Steel Design Engineer

What are the Employment Options for SP3D Piping Designers in India and Abroad?

We have already mentioned the industries where SP3D piping designers are in demand. Within those industries, they can be employed in engineering consultancies, EPC Companies, owner-operator companies, large refineries, small plants, construction companies, manufacturing companies, infrastructure companies building bridges etc. After gaining relevant experience, SP3D piping designers can also freelance without being committed to a single company.

What are the Salary and Growth Prospects for SP3D Piping Designers in India and Abroad?

Salary and Growth Prospects for SP3D Piping Designers

Depending on the experience and skills, the salary for an SP3D piping designer in India ranges from 3 lakhs per annum for a fresher, to up to 30 Lakhs per annum for an experienced, senior designer. 

The monthly salary for SP3D designers can range from AED 4000 to AED 15,000 in the GCC region. In the US, the average annual salary is around  $107,379 while in Europe, it can range from 40,000 to 80,000 Euros.

Apart from the experience and skill, factors like the location of the project, the size of the company, the complexity level of the project etc. also influence the salary offered.

It is essential to have a robust foundation in industry codes and standards in addition to engineering principles. As fresh graduates, try to gain more hands-on experience by interning or joining at entry-level positions. All these will help you to grow in your career and move up the ladder to reach senior positions.

Professionals who do additional courses and learn additional software tools like AVEVA E3D for example, can command higher salaries. Being proficient in presentation tools, spreadsheets, and other software is an added bonus. 

To rise up to the managerial level, short management courses, knowledge of project management tools like Zoho, Bootcamp, Trello, etc. will definitely help.


An SP3D piping designer can have an exciting trajectory in their career path. We have seen the different options available, and it tells us how versatile the field is.

You can gain multi-industry experience, travel, see the world and have memorable experiences. 

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