Best Aveva e3d Training Course in Kochi

Best Aveva e3d Training Course in Kochi

Engineers constantly seek ways to broaden their expertise and boost their employment prospects in today’s competitive job market. Specializing in cutting-edge software like Aveva e3D is a strategic move in this direction.

What is Aveva e3D Software?

Aveva e3D Design software stands at the forefront of 3D design technology, catering to sectors such as power, marine, and process plants. It enables the creation of comprehensive, multidisciplinary 3D designs without clashes, facilitating the rapid production of accurate drawings and reports. This efficiency reduces costs and time and decreases commercial risks associated with brownfield and greenfield projects. The software’s quick implementation and scalability support engineering professionals in meeting stringent deadlines and ensuring a swift project startup. Aveva e3D’s rule-based automation ensures compliance with industry standards, making it suitable for diploma and B.Tech graduates.

Aveva e3D Software Course Fees in Kochi

The investment in an Aveva e3D course varies by institute, course length, and the amenities provided. Typically, the cost ranges from 10,000 to 1,25,000 rupees.

e3D Software Cost

An annual license for the software is priced at approximately 50,000 rupees.

Job Scope after Aveva e3d course in Kochi

Graduates of the Aveva e3D course are well-positioned for careers in diverse sectors, including:

  • Power and Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refineries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Water Treatment
  • Shipbuilding
  • Chemical Industry
  • Construction
  • Steel Industry
  • Paper, Sugar, and Tyre Manufacturing
  • Beverages and Breweries
  • Offshore Operations
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Mining

e3D Software Training Institutes in Kochi

Kochi is home to several reputable institutes offering comprehensive Aveva e3D training. These programs are designed to equip students with the skills needed for successful careers in engineering and design.

ASTS Global Education Inc.

ASTS Global Education Inc. is the premier training centre in Kochi, renowned for its specialized, career-boosting programs tailored for engineering professionals. With a legacy of over 15 years of excellence, ASTS Global has established itself as a pivotal institution for countless engineers and technicians. Our courses enhance specialised skills and enable participants to command higher salaries and accelerate their career growth.

Our trainers, who boast 10-20 years of industry experience, provide deep insights into each course, focusing on the practical applications that are vital in the real world. They ensure that every student understands the material comprehensively through engaging, real-life examples.

Key Highlights of Our Training Program

At ASTS Global in Kochi, we are proud to offer the best Aveva e3D training course through an immersive and comprehensive curriculum that includes:

  • Orientation Session: Setting the stage for a successful learning experience.
  • Recorded Video Lectures: Learn at your pace with access to high-quality recordings.
  • Hands-on Assignments and Projects: Apply your knowledge to practical tasks.
  • In-depth Case Studies: Understand complex concepts through detailed analyses.
  • Real-life Scenario Applications: Bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Interactive Webinars: Engage with experts and peers in live sessions.
  • Unlimited Access to Course Materials: Study anytime with continuous access to resources.
  • Ongoing Support and Follow-up: Receive guidance throughout your learning journey.

Course Curriculum

Our meticulously structured Aveva e3D training includes:

  • Introduction to Aveva e3D: Get familiar with the basics of the platform.
  • Structural Modeling: Learn to model beams, columns, bracings, panels, and plates.
  • Floor Design Techniques: Master the design of floors, platforms, ladders, and stairs.
  • Draft Module: Generate General Assembly (GA) 2D drawings and sectional views and export them to AutoCAD.
  • Practical Implementation: Apply design changes and use structural commands effectively.

Why Choose ASTS Global in Kochi?

Opting for ASTS Global means choosing a curriculum designed by industry-leading professionals that perfectly blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Our strategic location in Kochi, a burgeoning hub for engineering and technology, provides unparalleled networking opportunities with industry leaders and potential employers.

Don’t miss your opportunity to advance your career with the best Aveva e3D training course in Kochi. Enroll at ASTS Global today and start your journey towards becoming a top-tier engineering professional. Join now and transform your professional path with outstanding education and unmatched industry insights!

Scholarship Available SSDF (Scottish Skill Development Forum) in Association with ASTS Global Education

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First Step Education : 

First Step Education is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and internationally accredited institution offering training in fields like Petrochemical, Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical/Electronics, and more. They position themselves as an ideal training centre for aspirants in these fields, indicating a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines, including Aveva E3D training. Their approach includes rebuilding careers with the right education and offers flexibility in training modes (online/offline).

AVEVA Cloud Training Center : 

The AVEVA Cloud Training Center provides self-learning courses for new and existing AVEVA E3D Design customers through the AVEVA Connect industrial cloud platform. With 20 hours of free access to training modules, this platform allows learners to study the core aspects of AVEVA E3D Design at their own pace and time, emphasizing a self-directed learning approach to mastering this complex 3D design solution.


Online Piping has offered Aveva Online Live E3D Training individuals since 2016. Their training programs focus on powerful visualization, clash-free, multi-discipline 3D design with AVEVA E3D Design, catering to the process plant, marine, and power industries. The emphasis is on enabling powerful visualization and rapidly generating accurate, high-quality designs.


For engineers aiming to elevate their career opportunities, enrolling in a leading Aveva e3D course is a step towards achieving their goals. In Kochi, ASTS Global Inc. is the premier choice for this specialized training. With over fifteen years of experience, state-of-the-art facilities, an industry-formulated curriculum, and extensive practical training, ASTS Global Inc. offers an unparalleled education in Aveva e3D software. Contact them today to begin your transformative journey in engineering design.