Best Piping Engineering Course in Chennai

Best Piping Engineering Course in Chennai

Piping engineering deals with accurate calculations and software to design pipe systems that convey fluids and gases from one place to another. It involves generating several drawings and documents and is critical for industrial plants. 3D Modeling, stress analysis, support engineering, support modelling, piping modelling, plot plan and so on, are important elements of piping design and engineering. Power plants, refineries, water treatment plants, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, CNG, LPS, and similar plants require meticulous piping engineering work to maintain safety, reduce wastage, etc. Selecting the pipe material, calculating the size of the IDs and ODs, calculation of pipe pressure drop, piping stress analysis and layout engineering, are the major activities involved in piping engineering.

The reason for piping engineering being in demand is due to the growth of infrastructure development throughout the world. A country that is developing will construct infrastructure facilities and plants on a war footing, creating a huge demand for piping engineering experts. These are critical installations where safety and precision are important.

B.E and B. Tech engineers, diploma engineers, B.Sc and M.Sc holders, and students in the final year of engineering can do a piping engineering course which allows them to specialize in the field and improves their employability. Certification and PG Diploma courses are available, with course duration ranging from 2 weeks to 4 months, according to what you choose. The fees also depend on the facilities, duration, reputation of the institute, and so on.

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The Best Piping Engineering Institutes in Chennai

1. ASTS Global Education Inc

    An ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, ASTS Global has been providing exceptional training in job-oriented courses to engineering professionals for over 14 years. It is one of the top piping engineering institutes in Chennai, offering courses in the latest technologies. It is the official and authorized training partner of  Aveva Information technologies India Pvt. Ltd and Bentley Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Students get hands-on experience with the latest versions of  E3D, Aveva PDMS, SACS, Staad Pro, MOSES, Tekla, Smartplant 3D, and Caesar ||. Apart from piping engineering, ASTS offers several other job-oriented courses that help engineering professionals be more flexible and employable. Conveniently located in Chennai and with affordable fees, ASTS is very accessible for most students. Their faculty comprises experts from the industry who are able to offer valuable insights to students in addition to providing excellent theory and practical training. The curriculum has been designed keeping industry requirements in mind and is exhaustive; this ensures that the students become well-versed with the technology and are ready for independent work from day one. Students are welcome to practice in the lab when they want, and live projects are also available for students to work on, under supervision of the faculty. The faculty is extremely approachable and helpful, and often provide extra coaching to students who require it so that they are thorough with all concepts.

    Benefits of Attending ASTS

    Why should you choose ASTS to earn Piping Engineering? 

    • Professional Competence and qualification
    • Greater Relevance in job market
    • Improved Employability
    • Enhanced career prospects in India and abroad
    • Diversify or specialize as desired

    Program Certification

    Once the students complete the piping engineering course successfully, they receive certificates recognized by the industry, in association with NACTET or the Autonomous Body for Technical Education under the Govt. of India. Global recognition for these certificates means ASTS students get an edge in the job market. The institute assist students in getting good placements, starting from applying to the right jobs to interview preparation.

    Key Highlights:

    The following methods of teaching at ASTS make it the preferred institute for pipping engineering course in Bangalore:

    • Orientation 
    • Video Lecture Recordings 
    •  Query Answering
    • Webinars
    • Assignment/Application Projects
    • Follow-Up
    • Continued Access to Courses
    • Case Studies
    • Real World Scenarios
    • Discussion Boards
    •  ASTS Global Education Program Support Team

    Course Curriculum:

    • Introduction to piping
    • Process diagrams
    • Piping fundamentals
    • Pipe fittings and flanges
    • Valves
    • Process mechanical equipment
    •  Layouts
    • Pipe supports
    • Stress analysis
    • Isometric drawings
    Scholarship Available SSDF (Scottish Skill Development Forum) in Association with ASTS Global Education

    2. Emerald Global Automation

    This is an excellent institute in Chennai which offers both certificate and PG Diploma courses. Classroom discussions are an important and unique aspect of the training offered at Emerald. The institute has separate programs for students and working professionals, and fast-track programs are available for those who want instant skill upgrades so that they can apply for jobs and promotions. Classes are held 5 days a week, and the course is well-structured with a comprehensive curriculum. They provide assistance to students for securing jobs as well.

    3. Conserve Academy

    The training wing of Conserve solutions offers industry-focused training which equips students with skills required in the industry. They offer the latest technologies for training by experienced trainers with industry experience. Students are provided ample hands-on training and project-based learning so that they can upskill themselves with real-world scenarios. Conserve guides students with resume building, interview prep, and connecting with potential employers so that they get an edge in placements.

    4. Kagira

    Kagira has been imparting training in piping engineering since 2009 and has an international curriculum. They deliver superior quality piping design training using the latest methods and technologies. Over 1500 students have been trained by this institute, and they have been placed in oil and gas, petrochemical, and power industries. With a tie-up with over 200 MNCs, Kagira provides corporate training in piping design engineering.

    5. TWG Group

    As an ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 NABL accredited institute, TWG imparts professional training courses of international standards to engineering professionals. They have a meticulous curriculum for piping engineering and similar courses and are one of the most popular institutes in Chennai. Students can choose to learn offline or online. On successful course completion, they receive certificates, and can also avail placement assistance to land their dream jobs.


    Piping engineering courses can open the doors to a lucrative career anywhere in the world. Specialize or diversify as you wish, by enrolling for the piping engineering course at ASTS Global – the best piping engineering institute in Chennai.

    What Should I Consider When Choosing the Best Piping Engineering Course in Chennai?

    When selecting the best piping engineering course in Chennai, it’s essential to look for institutes offering comprehensive training, hands-on experience with industry-standard software, and recognized certifications. Additionally, consider factors like faculty expertise, course curriculum relevance to industry requirements, placement assistance, and affordability. Exploring institutes like ASTS Global, known for its industry partnerships, practical training, and job-oriented courses, can be a promising choice.

    How Can I Enhance My Employability in Piping Engineering?

    Improving employability in piping engineering involves acquiring practical skills, staying updated with industry trends, and obtaining recognized certifications. Opting for courses offered by reputable institutes like ASTS Global can provide valuable hands-on experience with the latest technologies and enhance your industry relevance. With ASTS’s focus on professional competence, program certifications, and job placement assistance, you can significantly boost your career prospects in Chennai and beyond.

    What Sets ASTS Global Apart as a Piping Engineering Institute in Chennai?

    ASTS Global stands out as a premier piping engineering institute in Chennai due to its industry-focused curriculum, experienced faculty, and hands-on training with cutting-edge software. As an authorized training partner of leading tech companies like Aveva and Bentley Systems, ASTS offers practical exposure to E3D, Aveva PDMS, SACS, and more. With a track record of providing certification recognized by the industry and assisting students with placements, ASTS Global ensures a rewarding learning experience for aspiring piping engineers.