Best Piping Engineering Course in Kochi

India’s infrastructure development is in overdrive, and there are vast stretches of highways being built – this means dozens of flyovers and bridges. Additionally, power plants, refineries, and other facilities are also coming up in a big way. All these developments give rise to a need for unskilled labourers and skilled, qualified professionals. One of the qualified professionals much in demand because of these developments are piping engineers. They play a critical role in building of oil and gas plants, power and LNG plants, pharmaceutical plants, petrochemical and chemical plants, refineries, bridges, flyovers, and so on. They are also required for plants like food processing and water treatment etc. A piping engineer’s job requires a lot of skill and proper training.

Diploma or graduate engineers, +2 graduates, science graduates and post-graduates (in some cases) can enroll for a piping engineering course. You can get your dream job with a high salary, provided you complete the course successfully from a reputable institute. The course fees and duration depend on various factors like the type of course you opt for – certificate or diploma – the location, and of course, the institution; a good institution will provide good infrastructure like a vast, well-equipped lab that is accessible whenever the students want, experienced faculty, study materials, and so on. Once you complete the course and pass the exams, most institutes will help you with finding your desired job too. It all begins with finding the right institute. Let’s check out the best institutes in Kochi.

The Best Piping Engineering Institutes in Kochi

ASTS Global Education Inc

For over 14 years, ASTS Global has been one of the most sought-after and popular institutes for professional training courses like piping engineering. An ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, it is the authorized training partner of  Aveva Information technologies India Pvt. Ltd and Bentley Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Students have access to the latest technologies like  Aveva PDMS,E3D, SACS, MOSES, Staad Pro, Tekla, Smartplant 3D, and Caesar ||.

ASTS has a number of professional courses in the engineering field, and is one of the leading piping engineering institutes in Kochi. Conveniently located at Kalamassery, it is easily accessible to students. With a superior faculty drawn from the industry, students get the best guidance possible. Their curriculum is well-research and industry-ready, and equips the students to do their job well from the word go. Students gain from the rich experience of the faculty as they learn how to deal with real world situations; they are also welcome to approach the faculty at any time to clear any doubts. They are also given the opportunity to work on live projects with supervision. Students are regularly assessed so that they know where they stand, and are recommended remedial action if found lacking.

Benefits of Attending ASTS

Why should you choose ASTS to do a piping engineering course? 

  • Professional Competence and qualification
  •  Improved Marketability
  • Greater Relevance in job market
  • Better career prospects
  • Enjoy Career Flexibility or specialization

Program Certification

Once they complete the course with the requisite attendance and pass the exams, students receive certificates or diplomas in association with NACTET or the Autonomous Body for Technical Education under the Govt. of India, which is internationally recognized in industry circles. ASTS provides exceptional placement assistance to their students. From choosing the right jobs to apply for, to preparing resumes, submitting applications and interview preparation, ASTS helps in all stages. Thanks to their industry connections, ASTS has succeeded in getting outstanding jobs for their students.

Key Highlights:

The following methods of teaching at ASTS make it the preferred institute for pipping engineering course in Bangalore:

  • Orientation 
  • Video Lecture Recordings 
  •  Query Answering
  • Webinars
  • Assignment/Application Projects
  • Follow-Up
  • Continued Access to Courses
  • Case Studies
  • Real World Scenarios
  • Discussion Boards
  •  ASTS Global Education Program Support Team

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to piping
  • Process diagrams
  • Piping fundamentals
  • Pipe fittings and flanges
  • Valves
  • Process mechanical equipment
  •  Layouts
  • Pipe supports
  • Stress analysis
  • Isometric drawings

If you are looking for Piping Engineering Institute in Kochi , Piping Engineering Institute in Bangalore , or Piping Engineering Institute in Chennai, then ASTS Global is one of the best options for starting your Piping Engineering Career.

ADI Institute

They provides a 60-hour course with study materials based on an extensive ASME international curriculum. Experienced faculty provide excellent training to the students, helping them clear all their doubts through personalized coaching and counselling sessions. Over 400 students are trained each year, and the institute assists them in getting good placements. Students have 24×7 access to the institute and training materials, which helps them become thorough in all the concepts.

First Step Education

They offers training in technologies like Smart Plant 3D/ Autocad Plant 3D, Caesar Ii, Autocad and theory. Students can choose to attend classes offline or online. The course duration is for 3 months or 6 months depending on the type of certification you want. Their curriculum is vast and industry-validated, and the faculty comprises veterans from the industry and working professionals. Placement assistance is provided to students who successfully complete the course.

Techshore Inspection Services

They offers a diploma in piping engineering, a 3-months course with an extensive, industry-ready curriculum. The faculty are eminent professionals with industry experience who give superior guidance to students. The institute has excellent infrastructure, like well-equipped lab, seminal hall, and hostel facility for students. The institute has a service wing which offers piping engineering and related services, and so have strong connections to the industry. They guide students in job application and help with getting good placements.

Score QC

With branches in Trivandrum and Kochi, They offers piping engineering courses to students with varying durations. After the course, students can become piping engineers, supervisors, or foremen. With a distinguished faculty and thorough curriculum, students at this institute emerge qualified and well-equipped to discharge their duties independently, from day one. Score QC has a very good placement rate as well, with students finding their dream jobs.

Are you looking for the best piping engineering course in Kochi? Discover top institutes like ASTS Global Education Inc. ASTS Global offer comprehensive training, experienced faculty, and excellent placement assistance. Whether you’re a diploma or graduate engineer, these courses will equip you with the necessary skills and certifications recognized in the industry. Enroll today and take the first step towards a successful career in piping engineering.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a piping engineering course in Kochi?

Typically, diploma or graduate engineers, +2 graduates, science graduates, and post-graduates can enroll. Some institutes may have specific entry requirements.

How long does it take to complete a piping engineering course in Kochi?

The duration varies depending on the type of course. Certificate courses may last a few months, while diploma courses might take longer. It is best to check with the specific institute for details.

What career opportunities are available after completing a piping engineering course in Kochi?

Graduates can work in industries such as oil and gas, power plants, refineries, pharmaceuticals, and more. Career roles include piping engineer, supervisor, or foreman.