Best Job-Oriented Short-Term Courses After Mechanical Engineering

5 Best Job-Oriented Short-Term Courses After Mechanical Engineering in 2023

Are you a Fresh Mechanical engineering graduate looking forward to pursuing courses that can help your career growth and development?

Confused about which course of settling for due to the numerous courses option available?

In this competitive era, just a mechanical engineering degree doesn’t suffice. You need to improve your technical skills, knowledge, and ability as an engineer by pursuing the best courses after Mechanical engineering that will help you with it. This blog will enlighten you about some of the best job-oriented short-term courses after mechanical engineering in 2023 that you can consider pursuing.

There are excellent job-oriented courses for mechanical engineers that will provide tremendous professional as well as personal benefits such as professional competency, better pay packages, career flexibility, boosted relevancy, improved marketability, and a ton more.

ASTS Global Education is an accomplished institution to learn various short-term courses after your engineering degree. With 14+ years of excellence in training, ASTS offers outstanding training for their candidates based on their requirements, making them proficient in their field of work.

We have picked out few courses that you can consider to attend after your Mechanical engineering degree. The list of courses are:

  • PG Diploma in Oil & Gas Piping Engineering Design and Analysis
  • Certification Course in Marine & Industrial Drafting
  • PG Diploma in Metro-Rail Technology
  • Certification Course in Piping Engineering Design and Analysis
  • Certification Course in Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Certification Course in Piping Drafting
  • Certification Course in Solar-Engineering PV

After you read the complete blog, you will get a substantial understanding of each course mentioned. Based on your preference, you can choose the course where you can specialise in the field you are interested.

5 Best Job-Oriented Courses After a Mechanical Engineering Degree Are as Follows:

1. PG Diploma in Oil & Gas Piping Engineering Design and Analysis

best courses after mechanical engineering

One of the best Job-oriented courses you can opt for after a degree in engineering will be PG Diploma in Oil and Gas piping engineering design and analysis program. Piping design is the most critical component in engineering process plants. This course enriches you with in-depth knowledge of piping design and provides perfect combinations of theoretical knowledge and practical works.

From this course, you will learn about the complete procedures of piping designing, codes and standards, piping fabrication methods, 3D model piping designing in PDMS, and much more to boost your engineering skills to become an efficient engineering expert.

A post-graduation diploma In Oil & Gas piping engineering design and analysis provided by ASTS Global Education offers you great benefits. The technical and analytical skills you receive from this training can help in your career in many ways, such as excellent pay packages, great engineering experience, technical proficiencies, job satisfaction, and career opportunities.

Course Duration: 4 months

Eligibility Criteria: Mechanical Engineers, chemical, production, or petroleum engineering graduates or diploma in mechanical engineering.

Scope:The various career opportunities for the candidates pursuing PG Diploma in Oil & Gas piping engineering design and analysis are: 

  • Piping Engineer
  • Piping Designer
  • Piping Analyst
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Process Engineer

2. Certification Course in Marine & Industrial Drafting

Marine and industrial drafting is another course option that you can consider after your mechanical engineering degree. As a marine drafter, you will be responsible for converting the designs of marine engineers into technical drawings by making use of computer-aided drafting design (CADD) software for the purpose of constructing all kinds of boats, such as pleasure crafts, naval vessels, and even submarines.

Similarly, Industrial drafters interpret the ideas of engineers into manufacturing or construction language with the use of Autodesk CAD software.

ASTS Global Education offers Certification Course in Marine and Industrial Drafting. Choosing this short-term course training program from this institution will have a positive impact on your engineering expertise. There is a rigorous demand for marine and industrial drafters, and this marine engineering course opens up the career path for many possible opportunities to end up in your dream job.

Course Duration:4 Months

Eligibility Requirements: Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical or diploma in mechanical engineering, Civil or Architectural engineering students.

Scope:The possible career opportunities for a Certification course in marine & industrial drafting are:

  • Marine Engineer
  • Marine Drafter
  • Structural Engineer
  • Structural Designer
  • Offshore Structural Analyst
  • Marine Project Manager

3. PG Diploma in Metro-Rail Technology

PG Diploma in metro rail technology will be another suitable option to consider for mechanical engineering graduates. This course helps you to understand the engineering disciplines dealing with the designs, construction, and operation of all types of railway transport systems.

Due to the rapid expansion of metro rail projects, there is a huge demand for rail transport engineering professionals who possess the in-depth knowledge and engineering skills required to perform the duty more efficiently.

From this metro engineering course, you will learn about signaling concepts, tracks, and points, concept operation of MRTs, railway infrastructure, system design requirements, etc.

You can choose to pursue PG Diploma in Metro-Rail technology from ASTS Global Education. The unique and interactive training session you experience from this institution will help to boost your self-confidence and the decision-making ability to perform your work as an efficient engineer.

Course Duration:3 Months

Eligibility Criteria: BTech Mechanical engineering graduates or diploma in mechanical engineering, electrical or instrumentation engineering graduates, working professionals with an engineering background.

Scope:Career opportunities for PG Diploma in metro-rail technology are:

  • Metro-Rail Project manager
  • Railway Engineer
  • Metro-Rail Planning Engineer

4. Certification Course in Process Equipment Design and Analysis

A certification course in process equipment design and analysis is another great program for mechanical engineers to consider. Process design engineering course involves designing important equipment such as reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, evaporators, absorbers, etc. This step is considered a crucial and basic step in a chemical process plant. 

ASTS Global Education will be a great platform if you are looking forward to learning the program based on industry-leading software. You will get training from certified industry experts and professionals.

The course curriculum covers every topic offering you a great insight into the world of process equipment design and analysis. It covers topics such as the basics of process equipment and its technology, codes and standard, welding methods, design aspects, and much more.

Once the completion of the course, you will be able to master the knowledge and technics in process equipment design and analysis and learn the necessary tips required to become efficient in the field of work. You will be able to perform the duty productively and make various contributions to the organization you will work for.

Course Duration: 1 Month

Eligibility Requirement:Mechanical Engineer or a diploma in mechanical engineering, Chemical Engineers, production, or petroleum engineering student, working professional with an engineering background. 

Scope:The employment opportunities for a certificate course in process equipment design and analysis  are:

  • Process Engineer
  • Process Designer
  • Equipment  Analyst
  • Project Engineer

5. Certification Course in Pipe Stress Analysis

The next best short-term course after mechanical engineering is a certification course in pipe stress analysis. The piping field in engineering plays a great role and thus offers great demand. As a piping stress engineer, you will be responsible for evaluating pipe flexibility and stress analysis.

The leading software provides accurate analysis and is less time-consuming. ASTS Global Education provides certification in pipe stress analysis courses. The training will be based on industry-leading 3D model software by industry engineering experts enriching you with a deep understanding of the subject.

The course curriculum comprises theory studies and software training as well. The perfectly designed training programs enhance your technical skills and knowledge about the mechanical systems necessary to perform the work more efficiently and productively.

The course also offers you many personal and professional benefits as well, such as an improved engineering mindset, great engineering expertise, better career options, flexibility, boosted professional competency, and much more.

Course Duration:1 month 

Eligibility Requirements: BTech mechanical engineering or a diploma in mechanical engineering, a bachelor in engineering in any other field, and a working professional with an engineering background.

Scope: Employment opportunities for a certificate course in pipe stress analysis are:

  • Piping stress engineer
  • Piping Analyst
  • Piping Designer

Wrapping up:

ASTS Global Education is an accredited institution to learn engineering-based job-oriented short-term courses. The training program comprises live webinars, classroom discussions, case studies, orientation, and much more to make learning interesting. The certification you receive here is in association with NACTET (Govt. of India Autonomous Body For Technical Education) and TUV certified. 

ASTS is also an authorized training partner of AVEVA information technologies India Pvt. Ltd for Aveva PDMS & Everything 3D and Bentley Systems India Pvt.Ltd for Sacs, Moses, and Staad Pro. 

Apart from short-term courses, mechanical engineers have numerous options, such as, postgraduate courses, or CAD technician programs. You can also choose other branches of engineering like Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Automobile Engineering.  

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