7 Best Piping Engineering Institutes In India

Piping Engineering is a niche field, It involves designing oil and gas refineries, power plants, pharmaceutical plants, etc in which fluids with substantial temperature and pressure are carried from one point to another safely. Every minute detail in piping design is considered important to avoid any major risks in process plants.

There is a great demand for piping engineers who possess industry-relevant skills and knowledge. To find success in a piping engineering institutes in India, you should consider an Educational institution that offers the best training to make you proficient in this field. The institution you learn the course has a great impact on the way you work. You need to have in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and decision-making ability to have a successful career. 

To enroll in a piping engineering training program one needs to have a degree or diploma in mechanical engineering or civil engineering. The tough choices of many institutions can make you confused and thus we have shortlisted the 7 best piping engineering training institutes in India. Before we get into the list of the best institution, let’s take a quick look at the career opportunities and job listings of Piping Engineering. 

piping engineering institutes in India

Career opportunities in Piping Engineering:

  • Piping Engineer
  • Piping Designer
  • Piping Analyst
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Stress Engineer

Job Listing of Piping Engineering:

Naukri.com: Around 4442 piping engineering jobs are listed 

Indeed.com: 943 piping engineering jobs and vacancies are listed.

Linkedin.com: Around 3000+ piping engineering-based jobs are listed.

Now that you got a quick read about the various career opportunities and demands of piping engineering, you will now realize there is a great demand for hardcore professionals skilled in piping engineering in many process industries. Without any further ado let’s get into the best Piping Engineering Course Institute in India. 

List of Top 7 Piping Engineering Institute In India:

  • ASTS Global Education Inc.
  • Suvidya Institute of Technology
  • Petrocon Institute of Piping Engineering
  • Asian Academy of Profesional Training
  • ElixirPro Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • ACE Engineering Design Services
  • M.S Institute of Engineering. 

1. ASTS Global Education

ASTS Global Education

ASTS Global Education Inc is listed as Number.1 to learn piping engineering courses. The well-accomplished institution with 14+ years of excellence in training piping engineering courses will with no doubt help to climb the ladder of your success.

ASTS Global offers world-class training for aspiring candidates based on their requirements. The training is given by certified professionals and industry experts to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills required to perform the duty of piping engineer efficiently. 

By offering great flexibility and convenience to the learning candidates, ASTS helps the candidates to easily enroll for online, in-house, and corporate modes of training with a true focus on the development of piping design and engineering skills high in demand.

ASTS helps to meet great personal as well as professional benefits for the learning candidates such as:

  • Professional Competency
  • Improves Marketability
  • Boost Relevancy
  • Increasing Job Security
  • Better Career Flexibility

The training comprises recorded video lectures, live webinars, orientation, case studies, discussion boards, and a ton more to make the learning experience interesting. Also, the well-structured course curriculum helps you to enhance knowledge, skill, aptitude, decision-making ability, and self-confidence to create a path for your successful career. 

Entry Requirements:

BE/B-Tech/Diploma / ITI/ITC, Mechanical /Chemical / Production/ Petroleum Engineering Graduates or Students
• Working executives / Professionals from the similar Industry
• Corporates

Program Certification:

Once the completion of the course, you will be rewarded with ”Certification for PG Diploma in Oil & Gas Piping Engineering Design and Analysis Course in Association with NACTET (Govt. of India Autonomous Body for Technical Education)

ASTS also possess dedicated placement cells to help the candidate to be successfully placed in their dream job. Since the certification meets international standards, it opens the door to different job possibilities locally and even abroad where you will receive better pay packages and technical exposure. 

Course Syllabus:

The Course syllabus of Piping engineering includes the following:

Fundamentals of Piping Definition Applications Scope of piping systems in the oil and gas industry Pipe manufacturing methods Pipe fabrication methods and pipe designations Pipe classifications Roles and responsibilities of piping engineer and piping designerPiping Material Specification and Pipe Components Ferrous material specifications • Non Ferrous material specifications • Types of fitting • Branches • Connections • Join Details • Fabricated Branch connections. • Types of flanges • ypes of Valves and their codes •Testing and Presentation methods  
Piping Codes and Standards (ASME B31.3) ASME process piping codes (B31.3) ASME boiler and pressure vessel codes ASME pressure piping design codes API codes Other codes and standardsProcess Mechanical Equipment: • Process mechanical equipment
• Horizontal vessel
• Vertical vessel • Storage tanks • Heat exchangers
• Reboiler
• Towers and columns
• Pumps
• Compressors
• Fans & Blowers
• Steam & Gas turbines
Flow Diagrams • Process flow diagram- PFD
• Piping & instrumentation diagram – P&ID
• Utility flow diagram
• Line numbering
• P&ID Requirements
• Flow Diagram Exercises
• Symbols & Abbreviations, etc.  
Piping Isometric, Piping and Equipment Layout and Fabrication & Erection Drawings • Definition
• Drawing Piping Isometrics
• Isometric Dimensions
• Notes & Callouts
• Isometric offsets
• Exercises in the Creation of Isometrics from Frompiping plants
• Plot plan development & Requirement sections.
• Equipment layout terminology
• Control point & Battery limits
• Preparation of equipment layout
• Piping GA Drawing Requirements and Layout procedures
• Pump GA Drawing and Layout consideration
• Tank & Vessel layout consideration
Pipe Supports: Types and functions of support
• Anchors
• Pipe guides
• Limit stops
• Pipe shoe
• Dummy leg/ Trunion
• Field support/ Base support
• Rigid hangers
• Pipe Rack and Yard piping Design
• Flexible & Resilient support
• Variable & Constant load
Design of Process Piping Requirements As per ASME B31.3 • Scope of ASME B31.3, B31.1
• Design pressure & Design Temperature for piping systems
• Rating of flanges
• Reinforcement of Branch connection
Hydraulic Design Of Piping Systems: • Fluid flow sizing
• Pipe sizing
• Reynolds number
• Types of flow in piping
• Pressure drop due to friction/ Viscosity
• Friction factor
• Moody diagram
• Minor losses in piping – Equivalent length method & Loss coefficient method
• Recommended velocities for Water and Steam piping
Pipe Design Calculation Materials, Size, and Wall Thickness: • Design pressure & design temperature for
piping systems
• Concept of pressure integrity
• Design pressure integrity, pipe size calculation
• Pipe wall thickness calculations
• Pressure design of miter bends
• Single & multiple miters
• Pressure design of blanks
• Branch reinforcement calculations
Protection of Pipe and Insulations: • Abrasion
• Corrosion and its classification
• Freezing
• Lining
• Coating
• Wrapping
• Insulation
• Tracing
• Jacketing
• Cladding
• Electric heating
• Protection against corrosion
• Hot insulation and Cold Insulation
• Acoustic insulation
• Insulation materials
• Insulation types for oil and Gas piping as per
Welding & NDT
• Types of welding and welding terminology
• Welding joints
• Methods of welding
• Welding geometry
• Welding symbols
• NDT Methods QA/QC & HSE/QHSE
• Quality Control and Quality assurance
• Health Safety and Quality Environment training

Download Sylla

Admission Procedure:

You can easily do online registration on the website www.astsglobal.com. Fill up the required forms, and admission will be confirmed after the verification of the details given. 

Contact Details:


ASTS Global Education India Pvt Ltd

A K Tower, 4 th Floor,

Near HDFC Bank,

NH-47, Cusat Signal Jn,

South Kalamassery,

Ernakulam, Kerala – 682 033,India

Phone Number: +91 9020 210 210

Website: https://astsglobal.com/

2. Suvidya Institute of Technology

Founded in 2002, The Suvidya Institute of Technology (SIT)  is an ISO Certified institution offering world-class training in engineering disciplines to meet the professionals’ requirements in the oil and gas industry. With a certified faculty with an industrial background, you will receive the best training to meet all the industry requirements of a skilled piping engineer.

3. Petrocon Institute of Piping Engineering

Petrocon institute of piping engineering is another best institution to learn a piping engineering training program. With 10+ years of experience in delivering Professional Development courses and Programs for Engineering Professionals, Petrocon institution offers an excellent combination of theory, the latest industrial practices, and practical sessions. 

4. Asian Academy of Profesional Training

Asian academy of professional training conduct autonomous piping engineering courses where the training is offered by experienced senior faculties. More than 10,000+ candidates have completed piping engineering courses and various other industry-oriented courses are now successfully placed. Asian academy offers online as well as in-house training programs for the candidates as per the need of industries.

5. ElixirPro Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd

ElixirPro engineering solutions offer great piping engineering training to the candidates. This Hyderabad-based Engineering training solutions possess long Industrial Experience in different fields of Engineering. The training is provided by expert faculties having extensive teaching experience to enhance your knowledge and skill for a better career.

6. ACE Engineering Design Services

ACE engineering Design service is another best institution to learn piping engineering courses. With 10+ years of experience in the field, the ACE institution provides industry-relevant training to enhance in-depth knowledge and great exposure to improve technical skills. 

7. M.S Institute of Engineering.

M.s Institute is an ISO-certified center to learn piping engineering training courses. With 20+ years of field experience and 12+ years of teaching experience, the M.S. institute possesses multiple knowledge areas. The innovative approach undertaken by M.S. Institute by offering new courses has helped many students to find success in their career 


Piping engineering is growing at a fast rate in the industry offering great career opportunities for professionals possessing the necessary qualities and abilities. It is vital that you receive excellent training to find success in this field. Thus, carefully choose the institution where you will receive great training based on your requirements. The perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills helps you to work effectively and make you a proficient engineer. 

Which is the best institute to learn Piping Engineering In India?

As we have discussed, ASTS Global Education is the best institution if you wanna pursue piping engineering training programs. A great many years of excellence in training and the unique model of learning approach have indeed helped many students in enhancing the knowledge and skills required to perform the work more productively and efficiently. 

What is the Eligibility required to pursue Piping Engineering Course?

To enroll in an Oil and Gas piping engineering design course, you should fulfill any of the following educational criteria:
B.E/B.Tech/ITI/ITC/Diploma in Chemical/Mechanical/Petroleum/Production Engineering ;
Professionals or working executives from the process industry who wish to upgrade their skills;
Corporates who seek technical support from a similar industry.

Is Piping Engineering a Good Course?

There is a great demand for piping engineering professionals in the industry. So, without any doubt, piping engineering is a great career choice. If you acquire theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and decision-making ability through the piping engineering training program, the reward will be great and you can easily progress in your career at a faster rate. 

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