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Piping Engineer Salary in India

Piping Engineering is one of the prominent fields in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, refineries, chemical, water, petrochemical, powerplant, and steel sectors. Piping engineering involves the process of designing the piping system to transfer fluids such as water, steam, gas, oil, two-phase mixture, etc from one point to another safely. Every minute detail in designing is considered vital to avoid any major risks and failures.

There is a huge demand for piping engineers in the market. Soon after the certification course in piping engineering, a graduate with relevant skills and knowledge can easily start their career journey since there is ample opportunity.

As a piping engineer, the necessary skills you need to possess are analytical skills, observation skills, project management skills, drafting skills, and written & verbal communication skills. Good training in piping engineering help you in acquiring all the requirements of a competent piping engineer.

This blog enlightens you about the piping engineer salary. Before discussing the salary range let’s look into the scope of the piping engineer.

Scope of Piping Engineer

There is a great scope for piping engineers and piping design is an excellent career option for mechanical engineers and chemical engineers. The career opportunities in piping engineering are as follows:

  • Piping Design Engineer
  • Piping Material Engineer
  • Piping Stress Engineer
  • Piping Field Engineer
  • Piping Stress Analyst
  • Project Manager

Is Piping Engineering a Good Career?

Piping engineering is indeed a great short-term course after mechanical engineering or any other engineering graduate. The career benefits for a piping engineer are terrific which include excellent pay packages, job security, job satisfaction, engineering expertise as well as huge opportunities across the globe.

To become a competent piping engineer one needs to get excellent training from the best piping engineering institutes in India. The perfect compatibility of theoretical knowledge and practical skills help in enhancing skill, knowledge, aptitude as well as decision-making ability.

Moreover, piping engineering offers different career opportunities. Based on your interest in the job profile, you can start your career as a piping engineer, piping designer, piping analyst, project manager, stress engineer, or stress analysis engineer.

Roles and Responsibilities of Piping Engineer

Here listed are some of the roles and responsibilities of a Piping Engineer:

  • Managing and maintaining databases and ensuring data accuracy
  • Meeting clients to define the requirements of the pipeline
  • Estimating project requirements
  • Developing digital designs such as blueprints, pipeline maps, and mechanical diagrams
  • Supervising construction and installation procedures of pipeline systems and infrastructure
  • Handling the workflow and budget of the project
  • Undertaking quality control assessments to ensure pipelines complies with all technical and safety regulations
  • Maintaining, repairing, and upgrading pipelines depending on the requirements
  • Keeping up-to-date regarding the latest advancement in design software, construction techniques as well as technical standards.

Let’s now discuss the piping engineer’s salary.

piping engineer salary in india

Piping Engineer Salary In India

The following are the salary profiles for different piping engineers in India:

  • Piping Engineers- The average base pay is Rs. 7,08,592 per annum. Ranging from Rs.5260- Rs. 1,01,606 per month with an average of Rs.50,924. The highest salary in India for a piping engineer is around Rs.15,26,280 per year, and the lowest salary is Rs.3,14,176 per year.
  • Piping Design Engineers- The average base pay is around ₹6,39,588 per year. Ranging from ₹10,905 – ₹7,52,189 per month with an average of ₹54,574. The highest salary for a piping design engineer is ₹15,95,508 p.a and the lowest salary is ₹2,87,524 p.a in India
  • Piping Material Engineer-The average base pay is ₹11,00,000 per year. Ranging from ₹50,000 – ₹1,32,638 per month with an average of ₹1,00,000. The highest salary for a piping material engineer is around ₹24,84,897 per year and the lowest salary is ₹1,14,693 per year.
  • Piping Stress Engineer- The average base pay is around ₹6,00,000 /yr. Ranging from ₹19,754 – ₹2,00,000 per month with an average of ₹1,06,598. The highest salary for a piping stress engineer is ₹33,90,990 per year and the lowest salary is around ₹2,98,341 per year.
  • Stress Analysis Engineer- The average base pay is around ₹9,33,032 /yr. Ranging from ₹85,000 – ₹2,10,000 per month with an average of ₹1,67,651. For a stress analysis engineer, the highest amount is ₹19,38,514 per year and the lowest is around ₹4,71,131 per year.
  • Senior Piping Designer- The average base pay is around ₹13,00,000 per year. Ranging from ₹19,754 – ₹2,00,000 per month with an average of ₹1,06,598. The highest salary for a senior piping designer is around ₹23,88,802 per year in India and the lowest salary is ₹6,09,639 per year.

We now got an idea of the salary range for different piping engineers in India. Based on the skill and experience you possess, a career in piping engineering will enrich you with great career prospects. If you are a mechanical engineering graduate looking forward to specializing then the Piping Engineering Design and Analysis program will be a suitable option. The demand for various piping engineers in the market makes it easy to find a promising job that offers personal and professional development. The job listing in India alone is vast. Now, Let’s look at the job listing in India for Piping Engineers.

Job Listing of Piping Engineers in India for 2023:

The following are the various job vacancies and listing from some of the employment portals in India:

On timesjobs.com around 35000+ jobs are listed with 390 new openings for various piping engineers.

On Linkedin.com around 3000+ jobs are listed with 152 new job opening

On Indeed.com around 995 piping engineering jobs are listed with 203 new opening

And on Naukri.com there are around 4801 piping engineering jobs are listed.

Wrapping up:

Piping engineering enriches professionals with better pay packages and various other career benefits. In this blog, we have discussed the salary estimates for various piping engineers such as the average base pay per year and the average salary expectation per month. We have also discussed the roles and responsibilities, scope, job listing, and how piping engineering makes a good career for mechanical engineers and any other field of engineering.

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What salary is expected for piping engineers at the beginner level?

The average salary for a fresher in piping engineering is estimated at around ₹403,000 per year. This might vary depending on the company you work for or the qualification level you achieved. To become a piping engineer, you need to have 2 years of experience in the field. Entry-level engineers with less than 3 years of experience earn about ₹301,000 per year.

How much is the top salary earned by a piping engineer?

The highest salary earned by a piping engineer is estimated at around ₹15,00,000 per year in India. Piping Engineers with 4-9 years of experience earn around an average of ₹6,08,000 per year and those with 10-18 years of experience earn an average of ₹12,00,000 per year.

Which Industries pay the most for piping engineers in India?

Some of the top-paying industries for piping engineers are as follows:
Engineering & Construction
Oil and Gas
Energy and power sectors
IT services and Consulting

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